news | Wednesday October 28, 2015

Alain Deneault to speak next week in Toronto about Canada’s part in tax havens

The Literary Review of Canada presents Tax Haven Canada. On November 3, 2015, Alain Deneault, researcher and author of Canada, A New Tax Haven, will explain how Canada became one of the most attractive tax havens for foreign interests. Find out more about this upcoming event on the LRC website.

A recent review of Canada, A New Tax Haven, published in the LRC, called it “a valuable contribution to a debate that merits serious ­attention” and said,

The book is grounded in a spirited defence of taxation’s role in funding the state and its programs, including social programs but also the economic policies and legal system that benefit corporations and wealthy individuals. This is in sharp contrast to most of the specialist tax literature, which revels in complexity, technicality and legal issues, obscuring the crucial political and social issues at stake. … Deneault is rightly outraged … the book highlights some critical issues. … Canada, A New Tax Haven should help inspire concern and possibly even greater pressure from the Canadian public.

Deneault’s talk is not to be missed by all Canadians wishing to become more literate in our country’s approach to tax policy.

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