news | Monday December 5, 2022

New Play Alert! Kisses Deep is Here!

We’re delighted to say that Talonbooks’ latest play is here! Kisses Deep, written by Michel Marc Bouchard and translated by Linda Gaboriau asks whether art can be a pathway to healing, understanding, redemption, and forgiveness.

Consumed by fantasies of high fashion and opulent fabrics, young Hugo desperately tries to restore his mother Béatrice’s tarnished reputation – and their damaged relationship. Channelling Yves Saint Laurent, his idol and muse, Hugo sets out to counter the widespread rumours that the recently arrested Béatrice abuses him. He dreams of designing the perfect outfit for her court appearance, one that will bestow the air of the perfect mother and absolve her of all guilt.

Read an excerpt from Kisses Deep here:


Too late. Béatrice Lessard, I am arresting you for obstruction

of a police officer’s duty.


We were doing fine. Everything was fine.


If you hadn’t skipped school! If you’d gone to school!

The sound of an ambulance siren in the distance. MARYSE, BÉATRICE, and SGT. RÉGIS disappear.


(scratching his scalp frantically) A police car for my mother!

The ambulance for Madame Maryse! … One helluva show

for a two-bit place like this. If only I hadn’t skipped school.

Full of singular characters and their fraught relationships, Kisses Deep is a high-tension exploration of what love looks like during the clashing of peoples’ hardest edges, all wrapped in the fabrics of fashion. Pick up your copy here.

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