news | Monday April 17, 2023

New Book Alert: “Grazie” has Landed!

Big news: The first novel by award-winning writer Lucia Frangione has arrived! Grazie is a gritty and spiritual story of transformation, forgiveness, accountability, and rebirth.

When Graziana’s violent stalker dies in a car crash, a powerful catharsis lands her in hospital. Her eight year-old, the willful and creative Hazel, suddenly becomes the ward of Grandpa “Grumpy” Herman, while her mother embarks on a necessary path to healing – a path that includes a pilgrimage to Italy to bike the famous Via Francigena.

An excerpt from Grazie:

“His tone was even, but she could tell this was an effort.
‘I’m sorry you seem angry, Herman. But I’m not mentally well.’
‘I’m not angry. Never mind me. I’m fine. What I don’t understand is why you can’t even speak to your own child. She’s only seven years old.’
‘I –’
‘I don’t care what kind of nervous breakdown you’ve had. Folks these days have a name for everything. I’ll tell you what it is: selfish and irresponsible and downright cruel to a child – a CHILD! What kind of lasting damage do you think that kind of neglect does to a little girl?’
‘I –’
‘And now I find out you’re not even at the Peter Lougheed but out here on holiday at a lovely B & B?’

Crum … ple.

Crum …


Stay awake, stay awake.

She tapped her hands on her thighs in a rhythm, tap tap tap tap.”

A moving exploration of the many tributaries of trauma, Grazie examines what it means to feel connection to oneself, one’s family, one’s culture, and to existence.

Pick up a copy here.

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