news | Friday September 2, 2022

Marie Clements' “Bones of Crows” at TIFF

One of the world’s most celebrated film festivals is back! The 47th Toronto International Film Festival kicks off September 8, showcasing over 200 films. Among them is Bones of Crows, the latest film written and directed by Marie Clements!

Bones of Crows begins in the 1920s and follows the life of Aline Spears, an Indigenous woman who is forced into residential school alongside her siblings. Though residential schools sought to erase Aline’s ability to speak Cree, this precise skill aids her immensely throughout her time in the military during World War II. A stirring work that spans generations, Bones of Crows sheds light on the cruelty and genocidal practices Indigenous people have been subjected to, and shares a narrative of powerful resistance.

Read more about Marie Clements’ Bones of Crows here.

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