news | Friday April 4, 2014

Listen to Alain Deneault Talk Mining-Industry Policy Injustices on UBC Student Radio

Last week, Landslide Lauren interviewed author Alain Deneault for End of the World News on CiTR (radio 101.9 FM) in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia’s student radio station. Deneault is the author of Imperial Canada Inc., a thorough investigation into one seemingly simple question: why are 75% of the world’s mining companies based in Canada?

Deneault’s work should be of particular interest and have a particular currency with UBC students given that university’s new (and somewhat controversial) mining institute, the Canadian International Institute for Extractive Industries and Development (CIIEID), which is the project of a variety of stakeholders including the Federal Government, the University of British Columbia, two other Universities, and various other corporate and non-governmental organizations.

Listen to the excellent interview here (the intro begins at 4:40 and the interview itself begins at 45:20).