news | Thursday January 15, 2015

Listen: M.A.C. Farrant reading from The World Afloat

The ides of January … time for a little light reading? Or a little light listening? The World Afloat by M.A.C. Farrant can suit both needs!

Thin Air, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival, has published a recording of M.A.C. Farrant’s reading from last September: ABSURDITY LOVES COMPANY TOO. Featuring: MAC Farrant, Eric McCormack, Maurice Mierau, Denise Roig, Nicholas Ruddock, Kathleen Winter. Farrant’s part begins at around the 15-minute mark.

Also see this great write-up by Wendy Donowa about The World Afloat, which appeared in the Federation of B.C. Writers publication, WordWorks (Winter issue, pages 24 & 25). From the review:

Some reviews refer to The World Afloat as a short story collection, but these 75 short fictions seem an entirely different kettle of fish. Farrant calls them miniatures, and most are well under a page in length – collages of humour, sharp observation, brilliant absurdity, and irreverent commentary. …

If there is a constant in our response to this collection, it is perhaps our astonishment. On almost every page we find ourselves sitting up, pop-eyed, thinking did you just say that?

The wackiness appears wildly spontaneous, but belies the polish with which each character is made vivid, each event sharp-edged …

The World Afloat is quite a gorgeous little book, with a handsome cover, as enigmatic as the miniatures it encloses. I should also mention it is very reasonably priced.

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