news | Monday February 13, 2012

Les Belles Soeurs in Utah

(Eva Terra Nova as Pierette, Chelsie Cravens as Rose, Jordon Novotny as Germaine and Krystal Kennedy as Gabrielle in Les Belles Soeurs. Photo courtesy of Spencer Sandstrom)

Marked by the distinctive colloquial language of Joual, Michel Tremblay’s 1965 two-act play Les Belles Soeurs is the drama of poor Germaine Lauzon, who wins a million trading stamps from a department-store lottery, then enlists 14 of her closest friends to help glue them into booklets. When the gathering descends into chaotic scenes of group therapy, blame and bitterness, the ugly and beautiful national truths of Quebec itself are revealed.

Directed by Sarah Shippobotham, this production will be performed at the University of Utah’s Studio 115 Theatre, February 16-19, 2012.

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