news | Monday March 9, 2015

Larry Tremblay’s Abraham Lincoln in Sudbury

The edgy Encore Theatre returns for the 2015 season, with with Quebecois playwright Larry Tremblay’s Abraham Goes to the Theatre from April 10–18 at the Verve Theatre on Elm Street. Encore’s production marks only the second time the show is being staged in the English language.

Artistic director Callam Rodya (left), with cast (Gino Donato/The Sudbury Star)

Directed by Jenny Hazelton, Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatre is a bizarre story that follows a narcissistic director who hires two actors to re-enact a former U.S. president’s assassination, but hires them to play the classic comedians Laurel and Hardy. It stars local actors Daniel Aubin, Rick Duthie and Will Himsl.

“What follows is a play within a play within a play,” said Rodya. “The actors constantly shift from playing themselves to playing these Laurel and hardy characters that are playing characters within a play who are then playing additional characters.”

The story is absurd, hilarious and a social commentary that takes Encore Theatre far from what it has produced in the past.

Read the full story in the Sudbury Star.

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