news | Tuesday June 22, 2021

Kevin Loring’s most recent play is hot off the press!

We are so pleased to welcome Kevin Loring’s Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer: A Trickster Land Claim Fable to Talonbooks!

Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer is a biting satire from the inaugural artistic director of Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre.

Little Red Warrior is the last remaining member of the Little Red Warrior First Nation. One day he is arrested for assault and trespassing on his own Ancestral Lands after he discovers construction there and attacks the developer in a fit of rage. In jail he meets his court-appointed lawyer, Larry, who agrees to help Little Red get back his Lands. Larry convinces his wife, Desdemona, to allow Little Red to move into their basement while they sort out his case. Desdemona and Little Red strike up an uneasy relationship as, despite herself, Desdemona is increasingly hypnotized by Little Red’s “Indigenous charisma.” While sparks fly between them, Larry prepares to fight for Little Red’s Land Rights. When an unexpected intervention by a greater power occurs in the court case, nothing will ever be the same.

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Also by Kevin Loring and published by Talonbooks: Where the Blood Mixes (2009) and Thanks for Giving (2018).