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Kevin Kerr’s You Are Very Star in Vancouver

Kevin Kerr (Skydive, 2010) and his Electric Company Theatre are putting on a new show, You Are Very Star, at Vancouver’s Space Centre (formerly called the Planetarium) from June 12 to 29, 2013, that promises to be

an immersive, transmedia experience … that will transport you back to 1968 and ahead to 2048, from the height of the Space Race to the dawn of a new augmented humanity, as characters in each story look forward or back to 2013 as a mysterious time of wonder.

You Are Very Star was reviewed in the Vancouver Courier by Cheryl Rossi on June 12, 2013.

Electric Company Theatre is lighting up the planetarium with its latest production, You Are Very Star, June 12 to 29. The time-travelling piece includes two stories. “Part One: Orbiting the Cusp of Greatness,” set in 1968, the year the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre was built, will be performed in the centre’s vintage-feeling basement auditorium, and “Part Two: Transcendence,” set in 2048, will play out, replete with projections, in the Star Theatre.

You Are Very Star evolved over a question about our relationship to time, to memory and projection, or anticipation,” said Kevin Kerr, co-creator of You Are Very Star and a founding member of the 17-year-old Electric Company. “And the flipside of those two things, which is regret or dread.”

The full review is available here.

A second review, by Mark Leiren-Young in the Vancouver Sun, was also published on June 12.

“What’s really neat for us is that we get to be the last show in there using their old system which is a gorgeous vintage set up involving scores of 35-mm slide projectors and curious little mechanical handmade optical devices designed to create cosmic effects,” says Kerr. “There’s something beautifully vintage-nostalgic in them and that’s really informed the piece in a lot of ways.”


Kerr’s determined no one will be nodding off during You Are Very Star.

The stories are thematically linked, but feature different characters performed by the same cast, which includes Patti Allan, Dalal Badr & Michael Rinaldi. The show is directed by David Hudgins.

And to make things a little more high-tech the audience’s introduction to the world begins online, before you arrive. …

The full review is available here.

Ticketing information and show times are available from the Electric Company Theatre website.

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