news | Tuesday April 25, 2023

Junie Désil Interviewed in Touch the Donkey

Author photo of Junie Désil.

Looking for more Junie Désil Here are seven questions with Désil in Touch the Donkey. She discusses her new poem “Revolution,” her current work-in-progress, and more.

An excerpt:

“Q: With a published full-length debut and your current work-in-progress, how do you feel your work has developed? Where do you see your work headed?

A: I think that one way I’ve developed is more of a willingness to experiment with forms. I’m still a bit reluctant but the idea is not so daunting. I’m liking the idea more and more of a container for “working the page” I’m guessing my reluctance is because I haven’t been formally taught forms. I’m leaning into the idea for now that writing is what I want to do, and that provides a focus if you will, but I’m taking my time. In terms of where I see my work headed, I don’t know but I am most excited about “maturing” and leaning into the craft and discipline of writing and being curious about where I go with it!”

Read the full interview here.