news | Monday October 31, 2011

Judith's Sister, Miss Take, and Then We Were One Have Arrived!

Three new titles have arrived and are now available! These are Judith’s Sister by Lise Tremblay, Miss Take by Réjean Ducharme, and Fred A. Reed’s Then We Were One.

Judith’s Sister

In 1968, an eleven-year-old girl contemplates her social prospects. Her mother is prepared to do anything to make sure her children don’t grow up “ignorant,” like Judith’s attractive sister, Claire. This coming of age novel focuses on solitude, alienation, obesity, lies, sexuality, shame, madness, and fear of strangers; and our first encounters with the betrayals of friends, family and community.

Miss Take

Teenagers Miles and Chateaugué have run away. They soon form a suicide pact to preserve their fleeting innocence. Written in a style that echoes the work of Arthur Rimbaud and William Burroughs, Ducharme’s vision is darkly prophetic of a world that has lost its way, on which “our lady of good help” only gazes with an inscrutable Mona Lisa smile.

Then We Were One

Shocked by his brother’s death from injuries sustained in the Vietnam War, Fred Reed sets out on a journey of personal discovery. By way of Iran after the Revolution; in mystical Anatolian highlands; in pursuit of iconoclasts in Syria and Lebanon; he comes under the spell of Islam. In its embrace and discipline, he finds renewed brotherhood and liberation.

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