news | Wednesday February 17, 2016

Jordan Abel’s new book is here!

Though it has been phased out of use in our “post-racial” society, the word “injun” is peppered throughout pulp western novels. The new book Injun retraces, defaces, and effaces the use of this word as a colonial and racial marker.

Injun is a long poem about racism and the representation of Indigenous people, and the third book of poetry by acclaimed poet Jordan Abel, a Nisga’a writer currently completing his PhD at Simon Fraser University, where his studies focus on digital humanities and indigenous poetics. Composed of text found in western novels published between 1840 and 1950, Injun uses erasure, pastiche, and a focused poetics to create a visually striking response to the western genre. In some ways, Injun stands as a companion to Abel’s previous book, Un/inhabited, which was composed using similar methods and treads related territory (pun intended). Read more about Abel’s new book and his writing process here, or just go ahead and order yourself a copy!

Injun is available now for $16.95.

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