news | Monday December 9, 2013

Interview: MAC Farrant on My Turquoise Years

Bill Stenson of has interviewed M.A.C. Farrant about her memoir, My Turquoise Years (Greystone Books, 2004), which was adapted for the stage by Farrant herself in 2013 and ran at the Arts Club in Vancouver.

Stenson declares, toward the end of the interview, that if you stripped the word “memoir” from the book’s cover, its readers would still applaud it as “a mighty damn fine novel.” This assessment will come as no surprise to fans of Farrant’s perfectly structured, perfectly honed fiction; her latest, The Strange Truth About Us ($16.95), was named one of the top 23 Canadian Books of Fiction in 2012 by the Globe and Mail.

To listen to the interview, visit the Canadian Memoirs podcast page.

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