news | Tuesday March 8, 2022

International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day from Talonbooks! Over the years we have cultivated countless titles by incredible women writers. Check out this list of our women authors who we’ve published in the last few years.

Searching for Sam by Sophie Bienvenu and translated by Rhonda Mullins.

Wanting Everything: The Collected Works by Gladys Hindmarch and edited by both Deanna Fong and Karis Shearer.

my yt mama by Mercedes Eng.

charger by Margaret Christakos.

Earle Street by Arleen Paré.

TENDER by Laiwan.

Iron Peggy by Marie Clements.

Mégantic: A Deadly Mix of Oil, Race, and Avarice by Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny and translated by W. Donald Wilson.

Desire Path by Taryn Hubbard.

eat salt | gaze at the ocean by Junie Désil.

Asking For It and What I Call Her by Ellie Moon.

One Good Thing: A Living Memoir by M.A.C. Farrant.

Painting Time by Maylis de Kerangal and translated by Jessica Moore.

One and Half of You by Leanne Dunic.

Then Now by Daphne Marlatt.

Fado: The Saddest Music in the World by Elaine Ávila.

Anywhere but Here by Carmen Aguirre.

The City That Is Leaving Forever by Rahat Kurd and Sumayya Syed.

OЯACULE by Nicole Raziya Fong.

A Future Perfect by Razielle Aigen.

Standing in a River of Time by Jónína Kirton.

Unfuckable Lardass by Catriona Strang.

Still • Falling and The Code: Two Plays for Teens by Rachel Aberle.

The Piano Teacher: A Healing Key by Dorothy Dittrich.

These are only a few of our talented female writers. We’re so proud of you all!

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