news | Friday July 29, 2011

In Piazza San Domenico, Ordinary Time, and Rebuild are here!

In Piazza San Domenico, Steve Galluccio’s newest stage triumph, is a comedy set in 1952 Naples. It recounts how one broken engagement ripples throughout friends and family, affecting all of their respective lives in different ways. In a world conflicted by “traditional” values and post-war era thinking, theatrical archetypes evolve into stereotypes that became hallmarks of Sophia Loren/Marcello Mastroianni films in the early 1960s.

Ordinary Time, Gil McElroy’s newest collection of poems, seeks to give shape to time. Childhood memories of impending Cold War Armageddon lead to the book’s second section in which we discover that it is our movement through space that lends time its dimensionality. McElroy then works within the Anglican lectionary to make manifest the arc of a complete year-long cycle of both “Sacred” and “Ordinary” time.

Read a short retrospective on Gil McElroy’s poetry here.

In Rebuild, Sachiko Murakami approaches the urban center through its inhabitants’ greatest passion: real estate. Rebuild engraves itself on the absence of Vancouver’s center, its cranes, excavation sites and bulldozed public spaces, with poems crumbling as the page turns, with words flaking from the line like the rain-damaged stucco of a leaky condominium, exposing life inside the “stanza” of a despised “Vancouver Special.”

Move into Sachiko Murakami’s innovative Project Rebuild here.

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