news | Thursday September 20, 2012

Imperial Canada Inc. Takes a Critical Look at Canada’s Mining Industry

Imperial Canada Inc. cover

Canada’s mining industry comes under intense scrutiny in Alain Deneault and William Sacher’s Imperial Canada Inc.: Legal Haven of Choice for the World’s Mining Industry.

Drawing on reports from United Nations agencies, mining-industry watchdogs, and citizens’ groups at home and abroad, the authors document environmental and human-rights issues Canadian-based mining companies are involved with around the world − with little consequence at home. Canadian federal and provincial governments, Quebec in particular, seem to ignore the tarnished reputation of Canadian-based mining companies abroad, while reaping the benefits of Canada Pension Plan and Quebec’s pension fund investments in the highly lucrative resource sector.

In Imperial Canada Inc., authors Alain Deneault and William Sacher call on the Canadian federal and provincial governments – and all citizens – to demand an end to the forms of tax evasion and political corruption that have long plagued the mining industry. As sociologists have long been aware, people in power have a way of appointing allies who, in a completely “independent” manner, can be counted on to further their interests. Citizens must be vigilant on this issue, and Imperial Canada Inc. is a call to action for critical thinkers who are increasingly concerned about the practices of Canadian-based mining companies.

On Friday, September 21, 2012, Alain Deneault will be talking about this serious examination of Canada’s mining industry at the University of Toronto at Noon.

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