news | Wednesday November 27, 2013

Imperial Canada Inc. and Internodes in The Goose (Issue 12/13)

Two Talon books feature in the latest issue of The Goose (Issue 12/13 – 2013), a publication put out by the Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada (ALECC).

A review of Imperial Canada Inc. (Alain Deneault and William Sacher) by Nathan Andrews (PhD candidate, Political Science) is found on page 183. Andrews succinctly describes the book and its thesis; its

overall premise is that Canada is now “home to oil, gas, and mining companies that choose to register here in order to benefit from our permissive mining regulations and preferential tax structure.” While stock markets in London, Paris, and New York all have speculative characteristics, Canadian stock exchanges have historically “been singularly shaped by dubious practices of speculation, primarily on natural resources.” This quote explains why seventy-five percent of the world’s mining exploration and operating firms are based in Canada with about sixty percent of them registered on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). And the companies involved, mostly operating outside Canada, have caused a great deal of devastation in places like South Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Andrews concludes his review by inviting readers to pick up this informative and accessible book.

In the same issue, three poems from Ken Belford’s Internodes are featured (pages 157–161).

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