Posted: Tuesday September 28, 2010
How to Maverick

We are happy to announce that derek beaulieu was recently nominated by The Calgary Herald as a New Maverick.

derek beaulieu plays an important and unique part in Canadian poetics, particularly due to his heroic efforts in small press publishing and his involvement with the Calgary poetry community.

It is not easy to define the nature of Calgary poetry. It is already a gross generalization to insist there is an emphasis on visual and concrete works there, at least in comparison with the intense cluster of sound poetry movements that occur as one moves farther East in our fine nation.

Although “maverick” is a fitting word, since a certain independence of spirit marks the work and personae of several authors who either live in a quadrant or have branched out from there, including Natalie Zina Walshots, Jonathan Ball, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jill Hartman, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Weyman Chan, Natalie Simpson, and Christian Bök.

Not that elements of sound and humour are not integral to their collective output as poets and writers. However, there is a focus on a kind of linguistic materiality that swerves away from raw materialism, as beaulieu points out:

i think that instead of concentrating on the concrete, a lot of authors are looking at the thingness of language—which is where i would include visual poetry—treating language as a concrete physical object. also, in such a consumerist, profit-driven city as calgary, to move away from the concrete, away from the consumable object into a discussion which refutes that commodification.

derek beaulieu ‘s current book is How To Write.

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