news | Tuesday May 10, 2022

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New at Talonbooks is Unfuckable Lardass, the sixth and latest title from Catriona Strang. This poetry collection is lively, wonderfully recalcitrant, and leveled against patriarchy.

Musical and feminist, Unfuckable Lardass shapeshifts. Whether it’s using brevity like a boxing glove, borrowing floral language from gardening books, defining types of tears, or weaving incantatory spells against oppressive and imposed limitations, the voice in this collection sings. From “Lake Lac”:

“I grew it
I tended
it I harvested
dried and
stored it
I knocked
it over and

Rebellious and attentive, Unfuckable Lardass is a call to personal power and agency, even when exhausted, doubtful, pain-ridden, and marginalized. From “The Amalgam”, part 12 of the titular poem “Unfuckable Lardass”:

“I am contending factions. Even in times of great
dispute and intense social trauma, an amalgam
of functions does not represent…

I become over-mapped. It’s my tradition to pick
it till it bleeds.”

Unfuckable Lardass is an homage to the overlooked labours and ways of being that patriarchy doesn’t glorify. Catriona Strang refuses the objectifying gaze and ushers us towards embodying our whole selves, anger and all. To this end, Unfuckable Lardass culminates in a collective poem, each line stated like fact, the contributing authors’ voices cast together in protest.

We can’t wait for you to revel in this wry and unshakable collection. Grab your copy here.

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