news | Wednesday November 23, 2022

Hot off the Press! #postdildo is Here!

#postdildo by Danielle LaFrance has arrived and it’s taking no prisoners. Edgy, witty, and heady, this new collection of poetry examines the limits and limitlessness of sexuality, desire, taboo, and communication. Using the dildo as the engine of exploration, LaFrance focuses on the dildo as a sexual object and a social relation.

#postdildo continually surprises, no turn is expected. From “DILDO THEE CUM COMMODITY OK GUYS I REALLY NEED HELP”:


dildo-fuelled inspirational bricolage
could altar what is sexy about sexuality

Praxis’s praxis endeavoring to build upon
contradiction where a dildo


+ alienates. Meanwhile You +
I started dildosplaining that a dildo isn’t
a substitute but an emotional support animal”

Drawing from sources ranging from critical theory to smut, LaFrance’s new collection is a tour-de-force that delights in exploration, invitation, rebuttal, and rebuke. Pick up a copy here.

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