news | Tuesday September 12, 2023

Hot Off the Press! "Jigsaw" Has Arrived!

It’s here! The latest work of non-fiction from humorist M.A.C. Farrant has landed at Talonbooks.

Jigsaw touches on themes readers of the celebrated humorist and fiction writer M.A C. Farrant have encountered before: existence, love, joy, science, history, aging, roads, and Buddhism – and our seemingly universal love of jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw is a much-needed mental respite that offers playful, rejuvenating potential answers to the dreaded question, How in the world are we going to get through these fearful times?

An excerpt from Jigsaw:

‘“I have caused complications among my offspring, who have become more like corkscrews bored into my head than servile children,” says Mother.

A grown pair of them are crying foul about the embracing couple on the couch, meaning Mother and her boyfriend, Fred.

“This isn’t it,” say Jackie and Melba. “Only our lives are supposed to shine.”

Is it because Jackie, once denied motorcycle lessons, now has intestinal problems? Is it because Melba, once denied a childhood trip to Disneyland, is now a threat to the security of every home?

No one suspects that Mother is more happy than sorry about this turn of events. Even with her usual singing off-key about her big lumbering Fred, Mother knows she is still the hottest gadget around.

What happens next is not revealed. But it will become immediately clear that nothing in this puzzle has been designed to placate anyone.’

Order your copy of Jigsaw here.

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