news | Wednesday April 6, 2016

Hot off the press: Jason Patrick Rothery’s debut play!

Inside the Seed is here!

Winner of the 2015 Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script, Inside the Seed is a contemporary version of Oedipus Rex reimagined as a darkly comic political thriller. It concerns a once-brilliant scientist who made a startling discovery: a bio-engineered form of rice that could save an overpopulated world on the brink of catastrophic famine. The play examines how good, smart, well-intentioned individuals are drawn into, and corrupted by, complex institutional systems.

A reviewer for the Vancouver Sun appreciated the play’s “scathing look at a fictitious corporation so large it has lost track of its subsidiaries,” and a reviewer for the Charlebois Post enjoyed the “important subject matter wrapped up in a sexy stylish production. Its corporate machinations are compelling and a little frightening when you realize most of the plot points are based on real-life examples.”

Inside the Seed is available for $17.95.

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