news | Wednesday November 8, 2017

Here’s to fifty more years of Talonbooks!

Heartfelt thanks to the 150+ of you who came out last evening to our launch and party! What a diverse set of readings by Catriona Strang, Mercedes Eng, Cecily Nicholson, and Joshua Whitehead – each strong and moving and brave. And what speechifying from Talon authors Bev Sellars, Lucia Frangione, and Colin Browne, as well as Talon’s former owner and publisher Karl Siegler! And what delicious food and drink by Poicha Cuisine and Canteen Mitra! And what temptations at the book table – featuring classics from Talon’s fifty-year history and new titles – which was run by our friends from the Paper Hound! And what an adorable dog you might have seen hanging about (that was Rya the schnoodle)! A great night all around. Stick with Talon for fifty more years!

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