news | Tuesday October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Charles Olson!


In addition to the ongoing celebration of the centenary of the birth of American poet Charles Olson‘s birthday in Gloucester, in November, there will be a centenary conference held at the University of Kent in England.

As poet, critic and theorist, Charles Olson extended the possibilities of modern writing. From Call Me Ishmael to The Maximus Poems he probed the relation between language, space and community, providing radical resources for the re-imagining of place and politics.

Aiming, in Robert Creeley’s terms, to hear all that Olson still provokes at the beginning of the Twenty-First Century, this conference seeks to re-assess the scope of his legacy. It will provide an opportunity to consider Olson’s value through and across a range of disciplines, with particular attention to be given to his influence on British and European writing.

On Sunday, November 14th, Ralph Maud (Simon Fraser University) will be giving the keynote lecture at the conference on the subject of ‘Olson, Man and Poet’.

Ralph Maud is the author of Charles Olson at the Harbour and the editor of the revised edition of Charles Olson’s lectures and interviews Muthologos.

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