Posted: Wednesday October 17, 2012
George F. Walker's Problem Child Slums It in November

(Stephen Wright, Brian A. Wilson, Michelle Pauls, Kenneth John McGregor in B Someday Productions’ staging of George F. Walker’s The End of Civilization. Photo credit James Jackson IV)

Denise and RJ moved into Room 5 at the Suburban Motel from the small town where they were trying to clean up their drug-ravaged lives. RJ was in prison, Denise was turning tricks, and Social Services took their daughter away. Now they are back in town because the judge ruled they have met the conditions to get her back. All they need is for Helen, the social worker, to approve. Helen has been trying to call, but the phone in the room is broken and the maintenance man, Phillie Phillips, is passed out drunk. Then something really, really bad happens. Oh, yeah, it’s a comedy. Part of B. Someday’s season of “Comedies about things that aren’t funny” at Walking Fish Theatre.

Problem Child runs November 1-24, 2012 at Walking Fish Theatre.

B. Someday Productions brings the entire cycle of George F. Walker’s Suburban Motel to its theatre home, Walking Fish Theatre, over the course of three seasons. It began in June 2012 with the two plays Featuring Loretta and The End of Civilization, both directed by B. Someday Co-Artistic Director, Stan Heleva, and starring Co-Artistic Director, Michelle Pauls.

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