news | Tuesday July 12, 2022

Falling Shadows has Landed at Talonbooks!

The wait is over! Falling Shadows, the third book in the arresting, post-apocalyptic series by Christian Guay-Poliquin has arrived at Talonbooks headquarters!

The forest is wild and full of hostile factions. Lost, pursued, and threatened by his environment, a lone man struggles through the woods towards the hunting cabin where his family has taken refuge. On the way he meets a mysterious twelve-year-old boy. The two must work together to survive in a landscape fraught with danger.

An excerpt from Falling Shadows:

“He evaluates the mountains and valleys and rivers. Then puts his finger on the X written in pencil.

What’s that?

My family’s camp.

That’s where you’re going?

I nod. He is pensive. I ask him about his parents again. His face shuts down, but I push on.

Tell me, what are you doing here? Are you lost?

He pretends not to understand. He walks away, picks up a pheasant feather from the ground, runs the sharp end of it over his lips a few times, then throws it into the fire.”

Tense and engrossing, the novel is divided into the small slivers of time that survivalist vigilance demands. Read as part of the series or as a standalone novel! Pick up your copy here.

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