news | Wednesday February 25, 2015

derek beaulieu’s ACAD students respond to Thrum

What have derek beaulieu’s ACAD students been up to this year? For one thing, creating gorgeous print-on-demand books. In Antiphon, a new POD book published by derek beaulieu, seventeen undergraduate art students from the Alberta College of Art and Design reply to the poetic implications of Natalie Simpson’s 2014 collection of poetry, Thrum, published by Talonbooks. About Antiphon:

In Thrum Simpson explores how language “grapple[s] every filament twisting without wind” in a roiling boil of the everyday made strange. An “antiphon” is a call-and-reponse, choir-based form of chant and with Antiphon a choir of students add their artistic responses to the fray. Each piece is accompanied by a short statement of artistic intent, allowing the artists to expand upon visuality. In this volume each contributor explores the boundaries of their own expectations allowing language to be loosened from the need to mean in favour of a reveling in sound.

Read more about Antiphon, or buy yourself a copy, on Lulu.

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