news | Friday October 10, 2014

Crossing the City Is Here

The second novel in Michel Tremblay’s Desrosiers Diaspora series is hot off the presses!

In Crossing the City, we meet Maria as she leaves the city of Providence, Rhode Island, pregnant and alone. Two years later, we also meet Maria’s older daughter, Rhéauna, as she disembarks the train at Windsor Station, having crossed the continent from her grandparents’ farm in Saskatchewan, called home to Montreal to care for her one-year-old baby brother while Maria works. Readers will delight in the affectionate and accurate depiction of Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood at the beginning of the last century, and Tremblay fans will revel in the backstory to the characters of his great Chronicles of Plateau Mont-Royal, particularly of his mother, celebrated as Nana throughout his work.

Crossing the City was translated by Sheila Fischman and is available for $16.95.

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