news | Friday April 8, 2016

Clint Burnham’s first Talon book!

Our latest arrival is Pound @ Guantánamo, a collection of poetry by Clint Burnham. Widely published as a critical theorist, poet, and author of books on digital culture, this is the first of his books to have been published by Talon, and we are pleased he has joined our list.

The title, Pound @ Guantánamo, implies an analogy between Ezra Pound, imprisoned at Pisa after World War II, and the inhabitants of the military or CIA prisons at Guantánamo Bay. Place, in this poetry, is both a name (but whose name? the colonizer? First Nation? mall developer?) and a root grows in one’s popular culture as the only way to recognize the war machine (“why cadence weapon left Friendster/why the Flava Flav transformer twins’re buck-toothed”).

Burnham will read from this new book at two launches in Vancouver (April 26) and Calgary (April 28). In the meantime, order your copy today!

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