news | Tuesday October 30, 2018

Cecily Nicholson's Wayside Sang Wins a GG!

We are so incredibly pleased to announce that Cecily Nicholson’s complex, sensitive book Wayside Sang has won the Governor General’s Literary Award for English-Language Poetry! Huge congratulations to Cecily!

Of Wayside Sang, the judges said “In this hypnotic suite of long poems, Cecily Nicholson makes room, offering glimpses and echoes of the Canadian landscape as she explores ideas of borders, identity, industry and travel. She offers a catalogue of impressions, a collage of the ephemeral, held together by image and the pulsing phrase that stays with you long after the journey’s over.”

Congratulations as well to the other English poetry nominees: Billy-Ray Belcourt, Dionne Brand, Joshua Mensch, and Jason Stefanik! Thank you to the judges, Garry Gottfriedson, Sachiko Murakami, and Patrick Warner, the book’s editor, Stephen Collis, and the poetry community at large.

Pick up your copy of Wayside Sang today!

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