news | Thursday May 10, 2012


Whether it is the fly-whisks or wingless locusts, North American readers and independent booksellers are abuzz about the new translation of Martine Desjardin’s novel Maleficium, which has already being reprinted, due to growing demand.

Brave readers will enter the realm of Vicar Jérôme Savoie’s Gothic-era confessional, where seven men, just returned from faraway lands, profess to have fallen victim to the strange and evil spells of a mysterious woman. Throughout the Middle East, these men sought the finest goods and rarest experiences the world had to offer, but as each came closer to the object of their desire, they were struck by debilitating maladies and crippling deformities. All seven had encountered a young woman with a scarred face and now they’ve come to warn the priest that she will soon bring her dark arts to bear against the Catholic church itself. It is not until the young woman enters the confessional that truth emerges and the crimes of the seven men come to light.

This evening at 7pm, please join Martine Desjardins and her award-winning translators, Fred A. Reed and David Homel, for the launch of this book in Montreal at the Drawn & Quarterly bookstore, where there will be a reading from this text.

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