news | Wednesday January 22, 2014

Browse Our Spring 2014 Catalogue!

[image: Spring 2014 catalogue]

We are thrilled to present our exciting Spring 2014 list!

New fiction from M.A.C. Farrant, Larry Tremblay (translated by Sheila Fischman), and Hélène Vachon (translated by Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott) will delight, unravel, and amuse. Be dazzled by miniatures that explode mundane situations and people, and piece them back together again, a little brighter and a little looser, in The World Afloat. Follow disturbed and disturbing Edgar as he attempts to “save” himself and another in The Obese Christ. And, in A Matter of Gravity, meet a pianist and an undertaker who build a delicate friendship at the end of a life.

Plays by Drew Hayden Taylor, Joan MacLeod, and David Fennario, and a hard-hitting non-fiction book by Alain Deneault, address (respectively): the aftermath of the residential schools system on the lives of two individuals; the too-often volatile relationship between law enforcers and the mentally ill; the history of Canada’s World War I munitions factories and the women who worked there; and Canada’s current, distressing inclination toward becoming one of the most attractive tax havens to foreign interests.

The poetry list – about which Twitter has already been atwitter – brings together the remarkable work of four women: Cecily Nicholson, Natalie Simpson, Catriona Strang, and Nikki Reimer – all of whom publish their second books of poetry this spring with Talon. (Right on time for Poetry Month!)

Read more about each of these books in our online catalogue, or order a printed copy.

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