news | Tuesday October 28, 2014

Book Review: dream / arteries in the Vancouver Sun

Saturday’s edition of the Vancouver Sun included a rich review by Dennis E. Bolen of Phinder Dulai’s latest collection of poetry, dream / arteries. Here is a selection from the review:

Combined rhythmic discipline and a wide descriptive palette, wielded by a talented composer of word images; this would be the definition of anyone’s preferred reading. … 

The volume is elegantly produced and includes strategically placed archival photos, some faintly impressed as sepia ghostings upon translucent panels. The effect is one of contemporaneous immediacy within an irresistible sense of the importance of the past.

It is a testament to Phinder Dulai’s consummate skill, aside from his personal connection to the material, that we come away from dream /arteries with a heightened awareness of all travel phenomenon, the harshness and revelatory thrill of new lands, the coldness of alienation and the vivacity of new connection.

Read the full review online.

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