news | Monday May 9, 2016

Book review: Canada, A New Tax Haven in the Vancouver Sun

Canada: A New Tax Haven cover

The Vancouver Sun published a review of Canada, A New Tax Haven on May 6. Reviewer James W. Wood found that author Alain Deneault’s book is written with “a welcome tone of moralizing zeal in the face of the epic greed he uncovers.” Here are a few other highlights from the review:

Canada, A New Tax Haven explains this country’s central role in the creation and development of tax havens, sounding a klaxon for global reform of banking supervision and taxation policy. The book also delivers a firm slap to those, including perhaps the current federal government, who would seek to promote Canada as a bastion of feel-good liberalism.

By offering both a thorough and unflinching perspective on Canada’s role in the growth of tax havens and a series of practical remedies to the current malaise, Alain Deneault has done this country a service …

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