news | Thursday June 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Photo from May 31, 2020, Black Lives Matter demonstration at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

We here at Talon stand with Black Canadians and Americans fighting for justice against police violence (the photo above is from the demonstration held at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Sunday, May 31, which one of our staffers attended). We encourage our readers to educate themselves about fatal encounters with police in Canada, in particular the disproportionate violence faced by Black Canadians and Indigenous Peoples. If you are able, please consider donating to a fund that supports justice and well-being for Black and Indigenous Canadians – The Leap has developed a good list of resources.

We must daily engage in the ongoing work of freeing our society from racism. While the most violent examples of racism are horrible, and must be vocally opposed, day-to-day struggles for justice and equality are equally important – both to create a world in which this violence does not take place, and in general to create a more welcoming and just society.

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