news | Thursday September 2, 2010

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Tottering Biped theatre closes is 2010 season this week at Burlington Student Theatre with an energetic production of Morris Panych’s Governor General’s Award-winning play The Ends of the Earth.

This is what reviewer Tom Mackan had to say about the production:

“There’s a lot of content in the play, a risky factor in the world of absurdist theatre. It would be a huge burden to a weaker company. One has especially to commend the two leading actors, whose confident control of the text is absolutely remarkable. Trevor Copp discovers in speech so much fine–tuning and sub–textual riches as to amaze an audience. He is a whole body actor, as convincing in stillness as he is evocative in movement. In Michael Hannigan, the production has a skilled absurdist masked by a convincing façade of realism. He has a sound understanding of what is needed when, and his experience is eminently evident in his timing and action, both of which make his comedy delightful.”

The Ends of the Earth runs from September 2 to 4.

Visit the Tottering Biped Theatre web site for more information.

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