news | Tuesday March 24, 2020

An excerpt from Laiwan's new book, TENDER

Today, we’re excerpting “she who had scanned the flower of the world,” a poem from Laiwan’s TENDER, which just arrived in-house at Talon.

Pick up your copy of TENDER today!

a celebration of spring, the coming of light and longer days. a metaphor for a working psychic ecology. towards a sensual economy and its embodiment

in winter
we learn to name the oppressor and the name becomes oppressive
this is the logic of repression

she who had scanned the flower of the world
finds an evolution according to the secret life of a typical dwarf yellow star, the sun

in the spring twilight a full moon is shining
cell by cell i am devoured by light and heat
metamorphosis from one body to another
i become you

muscle upon muscle, strength in strength
we will return with limbs of iron
with dark and furious eye
independent from words
shocked at the limits to growth


a calm of soul
fragrance intoxicating
taking me to a stillness without boundary

still to imagining
my garden with you

she, the speed of light in empty space

at this precise moment the cloud and sky open to emit light
at this very moment flowers open to exhibit an end to the unending
within one burning explosion
         moulded into emotion         every sensual realm exposed
molecule by molecule i am devoured by light and heat

without genuine affection where would i be?

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