news | Wednesday April 1, 2020

An excerpt from annie ross's Pots and Other Living Beings

Pots and Other Living Beings is a literally and visually compelling first poetry collection by Indigenous artist annie ross. The text combines socially conscious poems with geographically grounded photographs, each describing an aspect of living in the postmodern, neoliberal age. All compositions emphasize in evocative ways our times’ disillusions and disenchantments, promised and failed utopias, material and cultural ruins, alienations and dispossessions.

Below, we share two images and a poem from Pots and Other Living Beings.

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photos from Pots and Other Living Beings

pots and other living Beings

before, the dung pile
long after, the shard

the shard, counting Star paths
from blessed ground
one hundred, two hundred, three hundred
long counts, Womb of Creation

woman picks up her grandMother’s shards
grinds them with/into new Rock Clay
between empathetic Stones
powders now, Water and mixed-clay batter
new pot’s Bones

and here we are.
we skeleton star beasts
feast day
upon an embroidered tablecloth
full of soup

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