news | Friday December 23, 2011

All Is Flesh! Is Here!

All Is Flesh cover

We are happy to report that All Is Flesh is now available!

This book collects in one volume Governor General’s Award-winner Hugh Hazelton’s English translations of Yannick Renaud’s brilliant first two books of poems, Taxidermy and The Disappearance of Ideas, first published by Éditions Les Herbes rouges in Montreal.

The release of All Is Flesh marks a milestone for Talonbooks: although we have a long history of publishing French-to-English translations of works of fiction and drama, All Is Flesh is the first translation to be included on our poetry list.

Sometimes they both hear music. Usually their eyes lock, they
stare at each other, cover their ears so as not to hear what the
other might say. Usually the music, which governs the game,
without which the game wouldn’t exist, accompanies silence.
Their only companions, sighs on both sides.

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