news | Tuesday May 13, 2014

After Completion Has Arrived!

[image: After Completion on display]

Talon is pleased to announce that this long-awaited book has arrived and is now available to order!

About the book:

Poet Charles Olson had many correspondents over the years, but Frances Boldereff, a book designer and typographer, Joyce scholar, and single working mother, embodied a dynamic complexity of interlocutor, muse, Sybil, lover, critic, and amanuensis. Their early correspondence is captured in Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff: A Modern Correspondence (Wesleyan University Press, 1999), which concludes with a crisis that amounted to a “completion” of one of the major phases of their relationship. After Completion: The Later Letters of Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff picks up the correspondence post-crisis, and consists of letters written between 1950 and 1969 – approximately 140 letters over a nineteen-year span. These letters are intense and sometimes explosive as Olson and Boldereff try to maintain some continuity in their separateness. In these later letters, we also experience their magnificent mutual embracing of Arthur Rimbaud.

About the editors:

After Completion was edited by Sharon Thesen and Ralph Maud. Sharon Thesen is the author of eight books of poetry and is a faculty member at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna. (Author Garry Thomas Morse wrote about Thesen’s contributions to Canadian Literature for Meta-Talon and more recently, about her poetry, for Jacket2.) Ralph Maud is a recognized Olson scholar and editor of collections by Dylan Thomas. He is also the author of numerous books on the translation process in ethnographical writing.

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