news | Wednesday May 14, 2014

A Shot of Espresso at the Pacific Theatre in Vancouver

Get your “fix” of theatre at the Pacific Theatre in Vancouver this week: Espresso by Lucia Frangione opens on Friday evening!

In Espresso, three fiery women – Vito’s estranged daughter, his pit-bull of a second wife, and the family’s wrinkled matriarch – find humour and grace in the aftermath of a violent car crash that threatens to take from them the one man they all love. “The espresso – she’s life. Quick, black, bitter in the mouth. Don’t expect sweet.” This is Pacific Theatre’s most acclaimed original creation.

Frangione, also an award-winning actress, stars in this production alongside Robert Salvadore. Sarah Rodgers directs. The play runs from May 16 (this Friday!) to June 14, 2014. More information is available on the Pacific Theatre website.

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