news | Monday September 18, 2023

"A Family of Dreamers" Is Here!

We’re thrilled to announce that A Family of Dreamers by Samantha Nock has arrived!

In this extraordinary debut, Nock delves into the complexities of growing up in rural northeast British Columbia and the love and grief that bloom there. The poems in this collection redefine where and what “home” is, weaving together threads of fat liberation, desirability politics, and heartbreak while working through her existence as a young Indigenous woman coming of age in the city. The result is a love song to northern cuzzins, dive bars, and growing up.

An excerpt from “kîskatinâw interlude pt. II:”

“i have watched my body ebb and flow
fold, expand,
and consume itself whole.

broken bones and boiled blood:
i have woven
myself together.

how much tendon
and hide does it take
to make a new skin?

i wish there were a better way to say
that i am jealous of a river.”

This stunning and expansive collection of poetry is can’t-miss reading. Pick up your copy here.

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