news | Monday May 12, 2014

85 Ebooks Published To Date!

[image: Kobo e-reader displays A Matter of Gravity]

If you read on a tablet, e-reader, or smartphone, you may have noticed that the number of available Talon titles has grown steadily since we published our first electronic book back in 2011 (all part of Talon’s now completed renewal plan). There are now about 85 Talonbooks available as ebooks, depending on which ebook vendor site one peruses. For example, there are currently 87 Talon titles available from Kobo.

Talon’s bestselling ebooks are

The most recent Talonbooks published in electronic formats are

By August 2013 Talon had sold more than 500 ebooks, and the total number sold to date has grown to 1,915 – and counting! We work hard to publish words that matter and ebooks that are high-calibre, and we are happy to see evidence of our readers enjoying them!

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