news | Friday August 9, 2013

500 Talon Ebooks Sold!

[image: a Kindle displaying a Talon ebook]

This week, Talonbooks sold its 500th ebook!

Talon’s bestselling ebook is Taking My Life, the autobiography of Jane Rule – although it is being quickly overtaken by the memoir They Called Me Number One by Bev Sellars. Other popular titles include Hesiod’s classic(al) Theogony / Works and Days (newly translated by C.S. Morrissey) and Daniel MacIvor’s one-man play, Cul-de-sac.

Talonbooks has been producing ebooks since 2011. The first was Maleficium by Martine Desjardins, and now approximately 60 Talon titles are available as ebooks. They are available, in some cases, directly from this website, but mostly from ebook vendors that include Kobo, Nook Books, Amazon’s Kindle store and the Kindle store as well, and from the Apple iBookstore.

Since Fall 2012, many Talon titles have been published simultaneously in print and electronic formats. On an ongoing basis, the Talon team is working to convert much of Talon’s backlist to various ebook formats. Talon’s website does not yet indicate which books can be purchased in ebook format, but about 50 are listed in our Spring 2013 catalogue, which is available online. Readers are also welcome to contact us and inquire about specific titles.

Chronic readers and thinkers may also be interested in “‘Book’: Liminal Existence and Lively Experiment”, a less pragmatic (than this news article) Meta-Talon piece that delves into the nature and evolution of books.

500 and counting – a small but significant milestone in our digital publishing endeavours. Go, little ebooks, go!

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