The Capilano Review: Pacific Poetries

Wow, the new Pacific Poetries issue of The Capilano Review is a Talon showcase!

This is the first issue of the Cap Review that is published under its own auspices, after a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2014 to save the magazine, and we are glad to see TCR celebrating its locus and its locality.

A number of Talon authors and books are mentioned, we are also glad to see:

  • Jordan Abel opens the issue with his piece “pacific ocean” (pages 6–8).
  • Pages 55–9 is an exploration of Nicola Harwood and Fred Wah’s interactive poem website, High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese.
  • Wah’s own poem, “Richmond,” is featured on pages 60 and 61.
  • A new poem by Garry Thomas Morse, “Prairie Harbour” (the title poem from his forthcoming book of poetry) is featured on pages 111-5.
  • Daphne Marlatt’s poem, “peripherals,” may be found on page 125.
  • On pages 130-1, read an insightful review by Ted Byrne of Sharon Thesen and Ralph Maud’s collected letters of Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff, After Completion (2014).

Find the issue online here.