“I Like to Stay Indoors”: A Poem From Fortified Castles

Fortified Castles is a new book of poetry by ryan fitzpatrick, and it is scheduled to arrive from the printer today! In celebration, we share with you a funny poem from the collection, and a poem which is late-summer appropriate.


Summer is especially miserable when I’m holed
up in my apartment sick. Either I can play with
my Lego or my PlayStation. Photography works
better than words to document my empty street.

Either I can sleep with my mommy or in my own
bed. In all the pictures, I’m wearing a cast. I’m
making a diorama out of things I bought at the
dollar store based on the DVDs I enjoy watching.

Outside, the sun is pink neon. I cast shows with
characters who lie on the beach in the sunshine.
I carefully place the furniture in my dollhouse. In
my dreams, the shops shut down too early.

Fortified Castles is available for pre-order for $16.95.