“dear new-age self” (a poem from page as bone – ink as blood)

The following is a poem is excerpted from page 38 of Jónína Kirton’s new collection of poetry, page as bone – ink as blood, which is newly available for $16.95. Kirton will read from this collection at Talon’s annual spring poetry launch in Vancouver on April 23, 2015.

dear new-age self

you were always there with a story
a narrative of hope
based on sandy shores
yet many times
our inner instability created wind waves that
blew across our equipoise
creating capillary waves under the skin
but rivulets of hope remained

there was always another temple or ashram
slowed down by shallow water
we crested together     evenly spaced
until the plunging began again
travelling at different speeds
our trajectories unknown
we became that hole in the sea
opposing currents
differing densities
walls of water     we travelled to distant shores
formed deep-water groups
and dreamt of fluid dynamics

high winds
strong currents
within the call and response
of inner oceans
undulating slowly