• Sep 11 – Sep 22


    Play: "The Unnatural and Accidental Women" in Ottawa, ON

    The Unnatural and Accidental Women is a surrealist dramatization of a thirty-year murder case involving many mysterious deaths in the “Skid Row” area of Vancouver. All the victims were found dead with a blood-alcohol reading far beyond safe levels, and all were last seen in the company of Gilbert Paul Jordan, who frequented the city’s bars preying on primarily middle-aged Native women. The coroner’s reports listed the cause of death of many of these women as “unnatural and accidental.”

    Marie Clements reconstructs the lives of these women as shaped by lost connections—to loved ones, to the land, to a way of life—lives of at times desperate, at times tender yearning for ties of communication, belonging and shelter gone dead. These are precariously vulnerable lives, so easily drawn to their end by the heat and light of a flame, lives that thirst for an end of searching in forgetfulness.

    The Unnatural and Accidental Women is opening the Mòshkamo Indigenous Arts Rising Festival in Ottawa, Ontario. More information here.

    September 11 to 21, 2019
    1 Elgin Street
    Ottawa, Ontario