• Apr 04 – Apr 21


    Play: “Girl in the Goldfish Bowl” in Windsor

    Morris Panych’s Girl in the Goldfish Bowl opens with Iris, a precocious girl of ten, proclaiming, “These are the last few days of my childhood.” The death of her goldfish, Amal, she is sure, has been announced by the air-raid sirens during the day’s school drill. For Iris, there remain a few more days of life in a universe that is inherently ordered, where the spirit of her departed and ritually interred goldfish can, of course, be reincarnated in a lost and amnesiac drifter given to rhetorical questions of seemingly deep philosophical import. More info here.

    April 4 to April 20, 2019
    at the KordaZone Theatre
    2520 Seminole Street
    Windsor, ON

    “An uncommon, quirky blend of humour and compassion.”
    —National Post